Be Yourself

These are my decisions, this is my life, but I am bound by the chains placed on me long ago. What would you think if you could see me now? If you knew the secrets I hide from you? I never could truly be myself; it would shock you too much. And yet, it is … Continue reading Be Yourself

Do you see me?

Do you not see that I am sinking? Having struggled to stay afloat for so long, my strength ebbs away as I gasp for breath. The darkness descends. 3 years on, and I want to self-harm again. There is no end to this war. How easy it would be to wield that specially sharpened knife, … Continue reading Do you see me?


Heart beating, slow and steady. Clear-headed and calm, inhaling the heady scent of summer. Apart from the occasional breeze, the air is still. Taking the time to rest, recuperating, savouring the moment. Breathe. What matters now, one day will pass, its meaning fading into insignificance. The past cannot be changed, nor the future predicted.